In 2016, the APSA received a grant to assist with the cost of  development of EBV's for parasite resistance.  We are proud to be participants in this opportunity to join with other flocks to enhance the numbers we've been working on for a few years.

In 2015, one MRC member dropped out to start a new group of the same type, and one retired to spend time with grandkids.  That leaves us, currently, with four members.  We still use sixteen sire lines, but one sits idle each year.

In 2012 we joined five other Polypay producers who had formed the Mount Rushmore Consortium.  Our decision to accept the invitation was motivated by several factors.  First and foremost was the quality and integrity of the producers involved.  We won't lower our standards, and with this group there was no need.  Secondly, MRC allows us to provide even better service to our customers.  Thirdly, MRC increases our biosecurity.


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Pharo Polypay

Back Acre Farm

12266 Cherry Ave

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Phone: 231 322-2017

Cell:  231-564-1540