Our Philosophy

• Integrity comes first

• Profitability is related to both pounds of lamb produced and costs of producing those pounds.

• Our goal is to raise moderate sized, highly maternal ewes that have the capacity to raise multiple lambs without grain or medication and with minimal labor inputs, and to sell rams that can produce that kind of ewe flock for others.

• We try to push our sheep harder than our customers will.  When they perform under our challenge, they should be able to perform for our customers.

• The competitive advantage sheep and other ruminants have is their ability to convert forage into useful products.  Other species, such as hogs and poultry, are more efficient at converting grain.

• Grain and other expensive inputs can cover up genetic weaknesses, but they can't prevent those genetics being passed to the next generation.  

• It's your choice whether you adapt your operation to fit the capabilities of your sheep, or select and develop sheep that adapt to your operation as you want it to be.

• Flock improvements are made primarily at two points, purchasing decisions and culling decisions.  Ram genetics represent the future of your flock; don't skimp here.  At culling time, don't be forgiving or hesitant to make room for better sheep.

• Resistance to parasites can be improved genetically, but not without challenging the sheep and culling those that don't perform.

• It is better to produce genetically strong sheep with a healthy, natural environment and a healthy, natural diet than to inject them with disease vaccines to develop immunity.

• Life is too short to tolerate behavior or performance problems.

• Culling and purchasing decisions should be based on records, not hope, emotion, or show ring beauty contests.

• EBV's through NSIP are currently the best tool we have available for genetic evaluation and comparison across flocks.  They should be used as a tool in making selections.

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